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Krysiak Meble We are a modern, effective and flexible furniture factory.
With extensive experience as supplier to all Scandinavian countries, we now seek direct contact with furniture market, to simplify and reduce the chain between production and customer.
A large network of suppliers for metal, textile, plastic and glass and our skilled craftsmen and engineers will be happy to help you develop new models. The combination of long craftsmanship tradition, experience and modern machinery guarantee quality, on-time deliveries, flexibility, straight logistics and communication.

K.Krysiak and his 110 employees at your service.

We invite you to see the products exposed at the Stockholm Furniture Fair

Krysiak Meble Krysiak Meble Krysiak Meble
Krysiak Meble Krysiak Meble Krysiak Meble

We invite you to see our other products produced for the Swedish market